Daisy Angeles

Bilingual Communications Specialist

Melanie Berkley

Communications Administrative Specialist

John Best

General Manager - 88.5FM & C19TV

Kevin Braden

On- Air Personality - 88.5FM

Victoria Brinkley

Communications Manager

Kyle Bullock

Digital Media Advisor

Kyra Cross

Copy Editor

Julian Cross

Internal Communications Specialist

Dawn Davis

Multimedia Relations Advisor

Michael Adrian Davis

On- Air Personality - 88.5FM

Khalil Downey

Broadcast Production Associate - C19TV

Soledad Duenas

Bilingual Communications Specialist

Stefani Everson-Phillips

Communications Director-External

Alexis Fitzgerald

Strategic Communications Advisor

Nathalie Garcia

Bilingual Communicaitons Specialist

Cathy Hart

Radio Broadcast Associate

Robert Labonia

Graphics Specialist

Matthew Leathers

Web Support Specialist

Whittney Lucas

Communications Advisor

Jason Martin

Web Services Advisor

Dawn Newberry

MultiMedia Manager

Angel Ortez

Broadcast production associate

Meredith Pierce

Communications Director-Internal

Patrick Richmond

Broadcast Production Associate - C19TV

Cathryn Stout

Chief of Communications

Andrea Tucker

Administrative Assistant – Voice of SCS

Yesenia Ubaldo

Bilingual Communications Manager

Brad Villane

Broadcast Specialist-C19TV

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