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The Youth Court Program is a volunteer-driven and youth-led Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice Diversion program. The Youth Court Program is a diversion program, not a formal court hearing. In the Youth Court Program, a youth who has admitted culpability appears for a sentencing hearing before a jury of peers. The Youth Court volunteers are drawn from local high school students. While being mentored by licensed practicing attorneys, youth volunteers fulfill roles as, prosecutors, defenders, bailiffs, jury forepersons and jurors and have completed twelve to fifteen hours of program training. The Youth Court Program strives to promote feelings of positive self-esteem, a desire for self-improvement, and foster a healthy attitude toward community, rules and authority. The goal of Youth Court is to use positive peer pressure to ensure that young people who have committed minor offenses repair the damage they cause to their victims, families and our community. Youth volunteers are credited with community service hours, as well as receive ongoing intensive development and team building activities which cultivate their leadership skills.