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Textbook Services

Textbook Orders

Textbooks are provided to schools based on student enrollment. The school’s designated textbook coordinator should order all textbooks using the textbook-ordering link, which will be provided to all principals and or/their designee. Please contact Meryl Isabel, Textbook Services Manager, for access to ordering textbooks.

  • Each principal is asked to identify a textbook coordinator.
  • The Textbook Coordinator Information Form must be signed by the principal and submitted to Meryl Isabel, Textbook Services Manager. Please click here to access the Textbook Coordinator Information Form.
  • All textbook coordinators should use Booktracks to maintain the school’s textbook inventory.
  • Booktracks training will be offered throughout the school year.


  • Booktracks is a textbook management program and is utilized in all Memphis-Shelby County Schools in order to accurately track textbooks in all schools. Please click here to access Booktracks.
  • Benefits of Booktracks:
    • Provides an automated interface with the district student information system for patron data maintenance with a daily update of additions, updates, and transfers.
    • Universal circulation system - Centralized access with full administrative control over the configuration of patron/student classes, circulation periods, policies, fines, etc.
    • Increased material accountability - Enables automated routine tasks such as backups and importing student data.
    • Unlimited user access - A web-based system that does not require a java-client application or other client software to be installed on local computers.
    • Offers invaluable reporting features such as: inventory in schools and district level reports.

Booktracks is a valuable management tool and has revolutionized the manner in which textbooks are tracked in Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

Textbook Adoption Cycle
Textbooks are reviewed, evaluated, and purchased on a six-year state-rotating schedule determined by the State Department of Education. Please click here to access the Tennessee Department of Education Textbook Review, Approval and Adoption Process.