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The mission and vision of the Department of Professional Learning & Support are in alignment with Board Initiative 2, which aims to recruit and retain top District leaders and teachers nationwide. The department focuses on providing comprehensive professional learning opportunities to help educators embrace and teach fundamental literacy skills. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of connecting educators with the community and fostering engagement within the classroom environment.


The mission of the Department of Professional Learning & Support is to enhance the effectiveness of teachers, leaders, and Central Office staff while fostering continuous improvement through the delivery of high-quality professional learning and support. The ultimate aim is to ensure that our students achieve their academic goals.


Our vision is to offer resources and programs that actively involve teachers, leaders, and Central Office staff in ongoing professional learning aimed at advancing student success. Within a culture of collegiality and collaboration, all employees of Memphis-Shelby County Schools will find opportunities to expand their knowledge, enhance their performance, and enrich their professional fulfillment.





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