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Continuous Improvement

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The Continuous Improvement Team offers a wide variety of training, tools, and supports to encourage school and District Office stakeholders to embrace equity centered process improvement practices in their work. These include resources on data analysis and facilitating effective data conversations. All this work feeds into what we refer to as The Continuous Improvement Cycle.

The Continuous Improvement Cycle:

At its core, continuous improvement is a process by which we test, track, and gauge effectiveness of strategies.

Think of the process as:

  1. Using data to identify areas of potential growth
  2. Thinking of ways to promote and facilitate that growth
  3. Testing and tracking those strategies to see if any progress was made

Equity in Education:

Part of the work of the Continuous Improvement Team is partnering closely with the Office of Equity and Access to ensure that all initiatives speak directly to the specific needs of historically underserved student populations in Shelby County.

We are defining equity in education as – removing the predictability of success or failure based on race, proficiency in the dominant language, gender, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability status. This means that every child is seen for who they truly are, and their unique interests and gifts are surfaced and cultivated.