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What is a General Choice Transfer? The General Choice Transfer process allows parents to choose a school in the District with available space that best fits their child’s educational needs.

The General Choice Transfer process is NOT the same as the Optional Schools application process. Click here for information about Optional Schools.

Students on an existing General Choice Transfer are approved through the exit grade of the current school and do NOT have to re-apply.

Who Can Apply for a General Choice Transfer? The General Choice Transfer is open to all students in Shelby County and includes all schools with available enrollment space for the 2017-18 school year.

How Do I Apply for a General Choice Transfer? The online application portal will be accessible from the Shelby County Schools website beginning on Tuesday, February 14. Parents can log in with their child’s name, birth date, current grade and school and either a social security number or District PIN

When will transfer requests be accepted? The priority application period runs February 14 through March 24. The application period will reopen once all initial applications have been processed, and the District will continue to accept transfer applications for schools with available space.

When will I be notified on transfer application’s status? Parents who submit transfer applications by March 24 will be notified via email of their child’s application status prior to the end of the current school year.

Transfer Priority? General Choice Transfer requests are considered based on the order that they are received, within priority categories. Priority considerations are outlined in the District’s School Admissions policy. Applications will be electronically stamped with a date and time as they are submitted online.

Want more info? Call (901) 416-6007 or click here.