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Charter Schools

The Memphis-Shelby County Schools, Office of Charter Schools mission is to support the accountability of performance in each of its charter schools through academics, operations, and finance, to ensure that MSCS Charters are in the top 25% of schools in Tennessee.

The Memphis-Shelby County Schools’ charter sector enrollment has continued to increase over the past five plus years. Nine charter schools have been in operation under Memphis-Shelby County Schools (MSCS) or Memphis City Schools (pre-merger) for over ten years as of the 2018-19 school year. SCS charter schools serve approximately 16,000 students –just over 17 percent of all students enrolled in Memphis-Shelby County Schools.

With ambitious student goals on the horizon, the Office of Charter Schools has implemented a rigorous evaluation process to assist the District in managing requests for charter school expansions, replications, and charter agreement modifications. The Office of Charter Schools holds high standards for charter approval, reauthorization, and revocation when necessary, to ensure that every charter school provides Shelby County families with a high-quality school option that is committed to college and career-readiness.


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