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Contract Request Portal Instructions

Contracts Management and Compliance

Memphis-Shelby County Schools’ Division of Contracts Management and Compliance is responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and developing district wide contract processes; preparing, negotiating and securing Board approval and execution of all district contracts for purchase of professional and general services, construction, and commodities, as well as contracts for leases, grants and Memorandums of Understandings.


Contracts Management has entered into Master Contracts with the following vendors. In most instances, a user will only be required to enter a requisition into the APECS system and Procurement will release a purchase order upon receipt of all budgetary approvals. In those instances where you will still be required to sign a document, we have provided a form copy of the document you will be required to sign. Please compare this approved document with the document you have been presented to sign. If there is any variation, please contact our office prior to signing.


The standard contracts available through this web site are the District's standard forms of agreement that specifically outline contractual responsibilities required by the District. All contract requesters should thoroughly review and complete the contract document prior to submitting it for review.

Any proposed revisions to the terms or language of these documents must be submitted in writing with the requester’s request for contract review. Since proposed revisions may result in a proposal being rejected if the revisions are unacceptable to the District, no services shall commence until the revisions have been approved.

A requester should present the standard contract to a vendor for signing and, if agreed to by the vendor, submit the signed form to Contracts Management through the Contract Request Portal. If signed by the vendor, the contract can be immediately approved for execution by the principal, director or Superintendent, as appropriate.


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