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APECS is a modern business information and accounting system built specifically for K-12 school districts. It has been used for more than two decades by Shelby County Schools. Primary capabilities include management of functions for HR, payroll and timesheets, finance, employee benefits, purchasing and procurement. It is also the system that allows employees to check paystubs, personal health insurance information and vacation/sick time.


“Data management is a critical component of any school district. I believe that APECS will be the solution to that challenge. Navigation is easy, data is in real-time and reports can be generated upon demand.”
Darlene W. LeSueur
Senior Internal Auditor

“One of myenjoyments about theAPECS system is the ease of navigation throughout and the transparency of the system. This is great for MCS financial secretaries and other staff as they make the transition to the new system. I appreciate thatAPECS offers and allows one to view the stages of approval; therefore, the requisitionapproval status isalways known. Another enjoyment of the system is the ability to provide managerial reports for review. I believe that the financial secretaries will really enjoy theAPECS system and all that it offers. “
LaKeydra Brown
Accounting Specialist

“The school financialsecretaries and bookkeepers are very enthusiastic about using APECS. The easy to usefeatures quickly resolved anyfears they may have had about learning something new. I also enjoyed the training sessions and eagerly await ‘going live.’”
Twadie Williams
Internal Audit


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