How do I know if I am a spring/summer general intern?
You are a spring/summer general intern if you received an acceptance notice from the MSCS department of Student Affairs ([email protected])

Who will I be interning with?
Spring/Summer general interns will be interning within MSCS District departments or with business partners. The best effort will be made to assign you in accordance to the interests shared on your application.

When will I receive my placement?
You will receive your placement via email during the week of January 31.

When will my internship officially begin and end?
Spring internships will begin on February 7 through May 5. Summer internships will begin in June through July.

How many hours a week am I expected to intern?
Spring/Summer general interns are expected to intern Mondays through Thursdays for a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours a week.

What hours will I be expected to intern?
Internship hours will be determined through your placement. Spring internships will take place after school hours.

How will I receive payment?
You will have the option to receive your pay via direct deposit OR rapid pay card every 2 weeks. MSCS will provide the opportunity to receive a rapid pay card at onboarding and orientation.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns throughout my internship experience?
Email [email protected]

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