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#SCSis901 Pledge

The authentic character and soul that defines the 901 is reflected in every one of our schools. We are an essential part of our community’s identity. We are the second largest employer and our graduates fuel the local workforce — the success of SCS is tied to the economic vitality of Greater Memphis.

Supporting SCS is a meaningful way to impact the future of Memphis and Shelby County, so we ask you — please take the #SCSis901 pledge!


  • I pledge to carry the message.
    Promote our essential connection to the success of our community. Follow our social media pages, share our stories and give accurate information about our schools and services to friends, family and neighbors.
  • I pledge to contribute my time, resources and expertise.
    Volunteer, mentor or donate — no matter who you are or what you do, you can make a positive impact on our students and schools.
  • I pledge to show up, speak up and be an advocate.
    Attend a community meeting about education, vote in local elections, get to know your district’s School Board member or be active in your school’s PTA.


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