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2687 Avery
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are students with excessive tardies considered truant?
No. Tardies are not absences.

Can suspensions or expulsions be used as truancy intervention?
No. Suspensions or expulsions cannot be used as truancy intervention.

When does a student need a clearance letter to enroll in school?
A student needs a clearance letter to enroll when he has missed ten (10) consecutive unexcused days of school.

Do I need to contact Truancy when a student has been withdrawn due to non-attendance?
Yes. A clearance letter will be required for re-enrollment if the student is withdrawn due to non-attendance.

When does a family receive a home visit?
A family receives a home visit if the school and truancy officer have been unable to reach them by phone, email, or letter

Are elementary school students truant if they do not attend alternative school?
No. Only students in grades 7-12 are required to attend alternative school.

When is a truant student/family referred to court?