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Teacher Development

An investment in high-quality, ongoing professional learning for teachers is essential to student success. The Teacher Development team, is responsible for building teacher and leader content knowledge & and capacity and driving change by creating and developing a shared vision of what excellent instruction looks like at the District, school, and classroom levels. We support through designing and facilitating content-specific professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders, District-wide Learning days, asynchronous self-paced coursework, Teacher Development Week, New Teacher Supports, overseeing content vendor-led sessions, and modeling implementation of MSCS District Academic Foci.

Program Commitment for Teacher Development:

Educators/School Leaders/District Leaders

  • We are committed to ensuring that teachers and leaders understand the purpose and structure of the standards and how to effectively prepare for and implement the standards-aligned curriculum.
  • We are committed to modeling effective teaching strategies within each grade band.
  • We are committed to monitoring data that informs how professional learning is created to address student and teacher knowledge gaps.
  • We are committed to supporting instructional leadership teams to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
  • We are committed to building the capacity of school leaders and providing coaching support to ensure all students receive an equitable education while maximizing the use of district resources.