Next is NOW: It’s official! Dr. Marie N. Feagins is the Superintendent of MSCS

To many, it’s day one of a new month, but for Memphis-Shelby County Schools, it’s day one of a new era. For Dr. Marie N. Feagins, it’s day one of a new job in a new city. She’s looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective.

“I am ready to continue deeply personal work with some of the best and brightest leaders and learners in the state,” she said, “and take on the world!” in an early-morning email to all staff.

Dr. Feagins has gone directly to schools and offices, asking questions, immersing herself in MSCS operations, and focusing on the needs of Memphis and Shelby County’s children. She recorded a video addressing the MSCS Family to kick off her first day.

Dr. Feagins (center) is greeted by Principal Kristopher Davis (left) and students at Melrose High School.

She launched her Voice Improves Partnership (VIP) Community Tour at the historic Melrose High School. She was greeted by students, staff, and a host of alumni who serve at the school located in the heart of Orange Mound. Dr. Feagins had reason to feel quite at home on her first stop, as a large body of her previous work centered around high school success!

During her visit to Fox Meadows ES, Dr. Feagins joins students on the carpet.

Following the tour, a 15-minute drive took Dr. Feagins from Melrose to Fox Meadows Elementary, where a much younger student body brought energy and excitement to their assembly. Students led the tour, and Dr. Feagins connected with those in attendance before heading to the Board Office.

Three hours into the workday, Dr. Feagins finally arrived at her new office! As the newest superintendent, Dr. Feagins’ picture was unveiled in the board auditorium and the lobby. 

District staff offered a warm welcome to Dr. Feagins as her pictures were unveiled in the Board of Education.

District staff lined the hallway and welcomed her with cheers, pom-poms, and music before she cut the ribbon at her office. Once in, Dr. Feagins took a moment to review her schedule and glance at her plan to make sure it was still on track.

 “We’re in a good spot right now,” she said with a hopeful tone. “For me, it's important to know what I'm getting into, and the sessions, roundtables, and meetings that have happened so far have been thorough in briefing. You know, I like to go beyond the surface level.”

Community members are looking forward to hearing more from Superintendent Feagins at a series of VIP tours. The first evening stop is April 1 at 6 p.m. at RedZone Ministries. For more information or to RSVP (optional), visit

Dr. Feagins cuts the ribbon to her new office.

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