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The Office of Compensation is committed to providing a fair and competitive compensation program that promotes an atmosphere that will attract, motivate, retain, and reward high-performing employees at all levels.


The MSCS Compensation Handbook provides general guidance to practices and procedures that govern pay structures, job descriptions, salary ranges, and administration. The handbook is subject to change at any time based on the leadership of Human Resources and MSCS.


General Information

2023-2024 2% Increase FAQs


Athletic Stipend Information

Coaching Verification Form

Employee Verification Form for Athletics Programs

Supplemental Payment Schedule Athletics for High School

Supplemental Payment Schedule Athletics for Middle School


Fine Arts Stipend Information

Academic and Fine Arts Program Verification Form

Academic and Fine Arts Employee Verification Form

Academic and Fine Arts Stipends Schedule



Types of Compensation

  • Hourly
  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Stipends

New Teachers

  • Teachers newly employed by Memphis-Shelby County Schools may receive salary credit for prior teaching and certain other kinds of experience by completing the Experience Verification Form.
  • Teachers with previous military experience may submit a copy of the DD-214 Form to the Office of Compensation. (This form is available from the military only.)

Current Employees

  • View your current salary, attendance details, payroll information, profile information, and HR/Payroll links by visiting the Employee Portal.

Employment & Income Verification

  • Proof of employment and income can be obtained from The Work Number (Employer Code: 15934).

Work Location Resources

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