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The world language program in Shelby County Schools focuses on using languages in real-world situations. Students learn language that prepares them to communicate with others through oral language, print, and media. Students learn vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information so that they can purposefully communicate with others. It is this emphasis on communication that aligns the SCS curriculum with state and national standards. At each level of world language instruction, students expand the topics on which they are able to communicate, the ways in which they are able to express themselves and understand others, and the sophistication with which they can express ideas. 

Student understanding of other cultures, ability to behave in culturally acceptable ways, and to recognize the relationships between language and culture continue to grow with each unit, year, and level of world language study.



Basic Conversations in Spanish by Señor Jordan.  Students will find a series of teaching videos that they can watch to re-enforce classroom lessons.


Students will engage in a series of French conversations that can be used for at home practice.

Teacher Resources – Click on the Curriculum Maps link found on the C&I homepage.


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