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Library Services

The Library Services team in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to providing Librarians resources, materials, training, and support so that they can enhance and implement the instructional program of the school. The department focuses on providing librarians innovative learning experiences and high-quality information resources that support equitable and enhanced instruction, digital and print resources, technology training, program development, and collection development.  

All school libraries should foster a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment that allows students to be readers, researchers, explorers, creators, and responsible digital citizens. 


Shelby County Schools’ libraries:

  • Provide a variety of materials to assist and enrich the needs of all stakeholders within a school. 
  • Reinforce the instructional program of its school by providing materials that support and strengthen classroom learning experiences. 
  • Implement and promote library programs that play a vital role in developing a love of reading and in encouraging strong and lifelong reading habits. 
  • Strive to establish an educational environment in which technology serves a major role, not only in the daily routine of the school library, but as an instructional part of the library program. 
  • Commit to the free flow of information and ideas and to cooperative relationships with each other, as well as with other libraries in their communities.


Click for -  Memphis Shelby County Schools Librarian’s Handbook

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