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TEM Observations

The TEM considers multiple measures to develop a holistic picture of your performance. Depending on your teaching placement, these may include:

  • Student Growth

    We incorporate data from state-producted TVAAS Score reports or approved alternate growth Measures (dependent on the content you teach) to analyze a teacher's impact on student learning and growth over the course of the school year. This data presents how much students have grown across the course of a year (compared to what we would expect to see).

  • Student Achievement

    We consider how well our students have performed against an absolute bar. Teachers select the student achievement measure to be included in their evaluation from a list of options given by the state.

  • Student Perceptions

    Research shows that student surveys are a reliable indicator of teacher effectiveness. Teachers who work with only very young students (Pre-K) Ell Students, or students with IEPs will not have student perception survey data as a part of their evaluation.

Components of TEM

  • Observations

    Research shows that classrom observations are a valid perdictor of teacher effectiveness. Your performance in the classroom will be measured on the TEM Observation of Practice-Rubric, with observers looking for hallmarks of effective teaching expected in every classroom, regardless of subject area or grade level taught.

  • Professionalism

    Professionalism ratiings provide teachrs the opportunity to reflect upon and ultimately further their own professional development while also receiving recognition for supporting their school community. Evidence for this is measure collected over the course of the year.