School Board's Approval of Student Congress Policy Gives Students Voice in Decisions Affecting Them

December 02, 2013 662 views

On Tuesday, November 26, the Shelby County Board of Education (SCBE) approved policy 6061, calling for the formation of a Student Congress. The approval of this policy affirms the Board’s commitment to considering students’ voices in its work, establishing the Student Congress as a mechanism to include students in the Board’s governance process. 


Each high school can nominate two representatives from grades 11 and 12, and middle schools may nominate up to two eighth grade students to serve as liaisons between their school and the high school reps. These representatives will be responsible for engaging their student bodies and serving as the information and advocacy link between the Board and their schools.


The Student Congress will develop its own by-laws in collaboration with supporting district staff and approval from the Superintendent. Regular Student Congress meetings will be held twice monthly and include members of the district staff designated by the superintendent once a month. The Student Congress will meet with the Board one to two times per semester and separately with the Superintendent at least once per semester.


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