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Human Resources
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The Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) was designed to gather accurate information about jobs.

Download Job Analysis Questionaire Form

The process:

  • Identifies the job’s complexity, responsibility for decision making, analytical reasoning and problem solving and other factors deemed important to Shelby County Schools (SCS)
  • These factors that were determined by SCS to be the most important and supportive of the SCS business objectives and strategic plans
  • Focus is SOLELY on what is done - NOT how well it is done
  • Information is used to evaluate the job and develop a job description

It asks for:

  • Essential functions of the job and specific examples of them
  • Education and experience required to perform all the duties of this position
  • License(s) or certification(s)
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities necessary in order to be successful in the position
  • Working conditions
  • Budget responsibility
  • Management or supervisory responsibilities
  • Organization chart