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MSCS Cares is the foundational platform to model customer service and employee servant leadership. This will better equip our employees to serve our ultimate customers, parents, and students. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to remain loyal to the organization and produce positive outcomes. MSCS prioritizes increasing job satisfaction to improve student performance and reduce turnover. A cross-collaborative team works together to ensure our employees are valued!


The MSCS Department of Human Resources will continue to provide critical services to our employees. If you have a pressing concern, kindly contact the appropriate staff member listed below for assistance.




Employee Assistance Program Theron Stallworth[email protected] 416-1719 
Benefits Advisor/ Leave of Absence / Locations A-K Marvay Mosley [email protected] 416-5869 
Benefits Advisor/ Leave of Absence / Locations L-Z Dana Jackson-Dortch [email protected] 416-5514 
Licensure and Compliance Candice Sims[email protected] 416-0229
Instructional Staffing Andrea Williams [email protected] 416-0691 
Non-Instructional Staffing Roxanne Jones [email protected] 416-1546 
Retirement MSCS Benefits [email protected] 416-5344 
Employee Verifications  
& Records 

  Employee Connect


[email protected] 416-5304 
Substitute Services  
& Temporary Staffing 
Andrea Craddock [email protected] 416-5508 
Nutrition Services Staffing Joshua Ward [email protected] 416-0725 
Deceased Claims MSCS Benefits [email protected] 416-5344 



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