Emotional Supports

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Educator Emotional Support Video Series for All Tennessee Teachers 

Free, Optional Resources Support Educator Mental Health in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic 


The video series from the TDOE and statewide partners provides guidance, resources and interactive activities focusing on the mental health of educators in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It builds off the state's Emotional Support Line for Pandemic Stress.


The following videos are available on Best for All Central and the TDOE’s YouTube channel, including: 

  1. Introduction to Stress Response: This video session introduces the series, recognizing educators experience significant pressure from many directions during a normal school year and this year has only added pressure.
  2. Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness:  This video session focuses on mindfulness, state of awareness, and how to shift attention to focus support.
  3. Grief and Loss:  This video session begins with practicing a mindfulness skill from the previous video. Additionally, this video session shares the states of grief and associated feelings.
  4. Maintaining and Managing Healthy Connections: This video session focuses on the importance of connection and relationships, including a grounding and connectedness exercise.
  5. Self-Care: This videos session highlights self-care as a lifestyle and how to create and implement a self-care plan.

For more information on the Emotional Support Line for Pandemic Stress: 

Call or text (888) 642-7886, or click here.

Grief Counseling 

Kemmons Wilson Family Center for Good Grief - Milla's House
Located at Baptist Hospital in Collierville; for children, ages 6-17

Samartan Counseling Centers of the MidSouth


Additional Resources:

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