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Qualified Events for Benefits Changes

Qualifying events allow you & your eligible dependents to enroll, cancel, or change coverage under the SCS’ medical, dental and vision plans within 30 days of your qualifying event. Documentation MUST be provided to your benefits department within 30 days of your event.

  • Elect coverage for yourself or your dependents by going to:, clicking on update your benefits, submitting your selections online and printing copy for your files. (Remember to review & update online beneficiary information and print PDF COPY for your files.)
  • Submit documentation of your qualifying event to the benefits office: | FAX: 901-416-6463 | MAIL: 160 S. Hollywood St, RM 108, Memphis, TN 38112
  • Email your benefits representative to request approval after you have made online elections and submitted your required documentation. After approved in online system these changes will adjust according to vendor systems.


  • Marriage
  • Birth of Child
  • Adoption/Legal Guardianship
  • Divorce
  • Death of spouse or dependent
  • Open enrollment changes under spouse's or dependent’s employment
  • Gaining other coverage: Employee or Dependents
  • Loss of other coverage: Employee or Dependents
  • Qualified Medical Support Court Orders


  • Copy of valid marriage license or certificate
  • Copy of child’s birth certificare (Mother’s Copy)
  • Legal adoption or guardianship documentation
  • Copy of Final Divorce Decree
  • A copy of the death certificate
  • A copy of printed material showing open enrollment dates, employer’s and employee’s name
  • Documentation must show the name of all individuals who gained coverage and the effective date of coverage
  • Documentation must show the name of all individuals who lost coverage and the effective date
  • Copy of Court Ordered Document

Please be advised that the deadline for you to elect coverage and submit documentation is 30 days from the effective date of your qualifying event. After thirty (30) days, enrollment requests will not be accepted until Annual Open Enrollment each year per SCS policy 4004.

Premiums for changes to coverage begin immediately following the effective date of the changes. Missed premiums will be collected through adjustments to your payroll, and will be taken in addition to your regular bi-weekly deductions.


  • Review your SCS payroll checks for changes in premium deductions.
  • Update your personal information for payroll purposes by logging into the Employee Portal.
  • If you have questions, contact Benefits at 901-416-5304.