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Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

To help you manage in difficult times, the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is available at no cost to benefit eligible employees and their families. Baptist Healthcare’s CONCERN will be administering the EAP, which offers counseling by trained professionals and is confidential and voluntary. CONCERN counselors can help you through a crisis or they can help you manage common problems that anyone can experience such as family or marital difficulties, relationship problems, grief, emotional or psychological stress, alcohol or drug abuse, gambling problems, or a combination of the above. Some problems are big, some are small. You can bring any size problem to CONCERN.
Counselors are available at (901) 458-4000 or (800) 445-5011.


  • What does CONCERN cost?

The services of CONCERN are a company-paid resource. There is no cost to you or your dependents if services are used.

  • What type of training do CONCERN counselors have?

The professional staff are masters-degreed counselors or clinical social workers. They are licensed and were required to have at least three years of clinical experience before joining CONCERN.

  • When can I use CONCERN?

Services are available when you need them. We recommended that you use the program in early stages of problem development because it is easier to solve a problem in these early stages.

  • How does CONCERN work?

If you need to talk over a problem with a CONCERN counselor, simply call for an appointment. During your first visit or two, the counselor will listen and try to gain a clear understanding of your problem, help sort out options, and develop a problem resolution plan.

  • How confidential is the service?

Strict confidentiality is maintained by CONCERN. No one will know of your participation unless you tell them or give your counselor permission to speak with someone. CONCERN complies with all state and federal laws regarding confidentiality.

  • MetLife Supplemental Life Insurance-1-866-492-6983
  • AFLAC-901-870-4206
  • American Fidelity- 901-458-9252