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The purpose of this Federal Programs Internal Control Operations Manual is to provide a systematic approach to managing the guidelines, policies, and procedures of all equipment purchased with federal funds for all charter, private and neglected & delinquent schools. The information in the manual will promote uniformity in operations and assist faculty and staff with compliance with of all equipment purchased with federal funds Policies and procedures are reviewed throughout the year with appropriate staff and developed in conjunction with Federal Programs to ensure uniformity. Any questions not addressed in the manual should be directed to MSCS Federal Program Inventory Manager.

The intent of Asset Management in junction with the Department of Federal Programs is to “help all children have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state and academic standards and assessments.” The purpose of Federal Programs is to “enable schools to provide opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged children to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the challenging state content standards and to meet the challenging state performance standards developed for all children.”

Charter, Private and N & D Schools


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